Mike Chang Affiliate Program Review

If you are planning to become an affiliate for Mike Chang’s online fitness program there are some things you need to know.

To get started, you need to apply for the program here. The registration process is pretty straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Upon completing the registration form you will be contacted by one of the site’s affiliate managers who will provide affiliate tracking links to Mike Chang’s four main products, including Monster Mass, Six Pack Shortcuts, Insane Home Fat Loss and Afterburn Fuel.

Following this simple and short process everything is pretty simple, and yet frustrating. The affiliate program is not necessarily new but feels like it due to the lack of communication between the managers and their customers. From my experience, the managers are very slow in replying to questions (at least 1-2 weeks) if at all unless I call them up directly and complain. This lack of concern for their affiliates has frustrated both myself and others associated with Mike Chang, so keep that in mind while applying. Also, if need be call their main service hotline and complain until they get things straightened out.

Upon receiving your tracking links it is now time to think of clever ways to embed them into CTAs that appear in ads, articles or other means. It’s best to use a picture if possible to promote his goods, as to not confuse them with other people called Mike Chang, but text links tend to work well also.

Within the Affiliate Program you can track how track how many clicks your ads get through a red line indicator that keeps the info up-to-date by the hour as well as how many conversions you get from the clicks, as is indicated by a blue line indicator. The stats are very minimal and unfortunately do not include information about what products were sold, nor info regarding what products the clicks come from. This is very useful information that is often provided in other affiliate programs but not for Mike Chang’s. Because of this you will have to analyze Google Analytics more in depth and make an educated guess about what websites need to be optimized.

Upon making a sale, affiliates are awarded $97, which is great, as it is the full price of all of Mike Chang’s products. Any other sale from other products bought from that person will not be included, however, unless you had originally directed that customer before at another time.

However, what gets tricky is how much time is given to an affiliate for potential customers. In the agreement under the affiliate program it does not state when a customer needs to purchase a product in order for the affiliate to receive payment. Typically, this is very clearly laid out in an affiliate agreement but not on the Mike Chang one-very disappointing. The affiliate manager over there needs to straighten this out because if the conversion is currently set at direct purchases than the conversion rate has proven to be low. However, if it is longer than that then affiliates have the potential to make lots as there is high traffic in the site. Perhaps the affiliate manager will straighten this issue out or extend the cookies time frame period in which affiliates can make money.

So is it worth developing a Mike Chang Affiliate Program? If you are passionate about the workout scene and enjoy writing about fitness then the program is for you. The program has the potential to bring in affiliates large sums of money due to the popularity of Mike Chang’s product in the market, which continues to extend across the globe. The program may also give increased preferential treatment to affiliates who have good results and if you don’t mind on making unnecessary phone calls to annoying affiliate managers then go for it.

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