Activating The Afterburn Effect: How To Eat A Lot Without Getting Fat

The only way to eat a lot and not get fat is to exercise and do so by activating what is known as the Afterburn Effect, otherwise thought of as an ongoing metabolism that burns fat even while not working out.

To understand the differences between food intake and exercise coupled with how they mix together to create either muscle or fat loss depends on the type of workout you do and for how long it is performed in addition to the diet that is mixed in. Depending on how these factors are mixed, they result in different types of speeds for the metabolism and therefore different rates of fat loss and muscle growth.

Most people’s metabolisms are only working to their full capabilities when sleeping which explains why it is common to wake up and notice you look skinnier or thinned down in some way compared to the night before. It also explains why you could potentially look even fatter. When the body is in a state of relaxation and sleep mode, it knows that is a time to process food and turn it into relevant energy and fat.

If the body had a solid workout the previous day the body will naturally need to burn more and hence it is likely to burn away more fat. If little exercise or activity was done during the day while food consumption is high, the body would store that fat, causing the body to put on more weight. This is basic knowledge in the medical world, but what is not really understood is how the body can also put on muscle throughout this process.

What really makes the difference between how much fat is stored and later turned into muscle depends on the type of exercising done. Most people who partake in intensive cardio workouts will easily burn off fat and require lots of food to energize the body. They can maintain skinny physiques and even get away eating healthy quite often, as they have their workouts to help them burn fat. However, the minute they stop their workouts the fat can come back easily. This is because the body is not in a state of constant burning, which is done through high-intensity training.

This high-intensity training activates the body’s blood flow by increasing the heart rate quicker. The body responds by pumping in more oxygen and other parts increase in reaction as well, most notably the metabolism. The body will therefore be able to take in more food if need be, which can be converted into muscle, provided that is the trainer’s goal.
While doing chest, for example, a trainer can see a big difference if he does one set and then rests a while followed by another set without practically sweating. While it may seem that you are using a lot of energy to lift something heavy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are burning fat as well. So, if you go home and eat a lot to put on muscle chances are your gut will follow as well. This is why there are so many strong guys with big bellies.

If the trainer instead did high-intensive workouts in between the results would have been different. For example, after one heavy set get down on the ground right away and start doing mountain climbers and then jumping jacks. While your heart rate is high and your upper body has recovered for about 30-60 seconds go into the next set or the second part of a drop set to keep those muscles burning as well. When that set is finished do more intensive cardio and then rest for 2-3 minutes. This will have counted as 1 set for activating the Afterburn Fuel Effect. It is recommended that 5-7 sets be done this way per muscle group.

This is an exhausting yet highly effective way to workout that not only maximizes your workout time but shortens it as well as you will not need to do other cardio in order to keep weight off. This will also keep the body burning fat all day and into the next as it will be almost in a state of shock, slowly wearing itself down until the next time this is performed. Be careful not to go too intense and avoid resting more than 3 days in between to see maximum results.

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