How AAKG Can Help You Achieve Muscle Growth

You can shed weight fairly quickly, but building muscle takes time. These processes are very different, and whilst they both require hard work and dedication, building muscle requires just that little bit more time and effort.

As Livestrong suggests, many factors can affect the rate of muscle growth, including level of fitness, frequency of workouts, body fat percentage and rest. Rest is just as important as the workouts because your muscles grow during this period. You need to create ideal conditions for your body during your rest period, which is where AAKG comes in.

What Is AAKG?

AAKG is also known as arginine or Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate. It is a non-essential amino acid and one of its important functions is to make nitric oxide in the liver. In terms of muscle building, both nitric oxide and AAKG play an important role, as Jim White, an American Dietetic Association spokesman, suggests.

Many good quality workout supplements such as Afterburn Fuel contain this ingredient. You can take it as a standalone product, but why do so when you can enjoy it as part of a mix of supplements that offer various other benefits.

How AAKG Helps Aids Muscle Growth

As reported by Men’s Fitness, taking AAKG leads to increased muscle growth, strength and endurance. The process by which this occurs is rather simple. When 10 to 15 grams of AAKG is taken per day it increases nitric oxide production and as a result it also increases the diameter of the blood vessels. The result is that blood flow is increased, but without increasing blood pressure. If the blood vessels dilate then more blood goes to the muscles, and that means more protein, carbs and other nutrients do too.

This is why bodybuilders experience pumps that have a higher intensity and last for longer. Increasing blood flow during exercise is a natural process anyway, because when you workout the muscles you are targeting receive a very rapid increase in blood flow. As Donald Victor from Quest suggests, the more efficient blood flow is, the better it is for your muscles. One of the benefits of AAKG is the ability to get more protein and other nutrients to your muscles when they need it most.

Some bodybuilders report feeling pumped all day long, which might suggest that the effects of AAKG last all day. That’s great for building muscle because for long periods of time your muscles are getting a boost of protein.

Studies Suggesting That AAKG Works

One study that showed an improvement in performance involved male wrestlers. As reported by NCBI, arginine was given to elite male wrestlers and the result was a 5.8% increase in endurance. 5.8% might not sound like a big deal, but every single rep counts in the gym, especially those last ones. So if you could get a few extra reps by taking AAKG then it will do a lot for muscle growth.

Another study published by NCBI concluded that AAKG supplementation improved the results of the Wingate peak power test and bench press performance. The study used 10 healthy young men, of which 5 were given a placebo and the other 5 AAKG supplementation. What’s more, no side effects were observed in any of the participants. The conclusion was that: “AAKG supplementation appeared to be safe and well tolerated”.

There are also countless posts on bodybuilding forums that backup the benefits of AAKG. If you are still skeptical about this ingredient then check out these forums to see what others are saying about it.

Why Bother With Such Supplementation?

There are plenty of people out there who take the “high road” by not taking supplements because they believe they can get the results without them. While that could be the case there is no denying that supplementation such as AAKG does provide a measurable boost in performance.

However, don’t think you have to take something in order to reach your fitness goals. You can get the body you want without them, it’s just that if there is an option to make your life easier, then why not take it?

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