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CNBC’s ‘Unscientific’ study of Fitness Bands shows Overall Inaccuracy

A recent class action lawsuit against the popular fitness tech brand, FitBit, raised the question that its heart rate monitors are grossly inaccurate. Last week, a California university – commissioned by the plaintiff’s lawyers – ran tests that agreed the fitness bands are “highly inaccurate”. So CNBC’s watchdog reporter and Senior Editor, Eric Chemi, decided […]

Superfluous Fitness Tech hitting the ‘Wearable’ Market in 2016

Technology developers are busy creating the latest and greatest wearable fitness tech. Some of the recent items we’ve found incredibly useful, or at least entertainingly informative, include the FitBit line, Smartwatches, sensor-infused socks like Sensoria and all the handy mobile apps that go along with them. But like most trends, technicians are working so fast […]

Celebrity Fitness Trainer says you Don’t Need a Perfect Celeb Body

Tracy Anderson is one of the most famous women in the fitness community. Trainer to the stars, she’s help sculpt the chiseled bodies of such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. She also runs an enormously successful gym and fitness website. She says her celebrity training shouldn’t be the focus of media or her fans. […]

Your Health Matters: You CAN Make Time for Exercise

If you have a full time job, a family, and a desire to get fit, I can almost guarantee that you’ve uttered the phrase, “I just don’t have time.” I empathize – I really do. The older we get, the busier our lives become. Between working, cleaning and preparing meals, it can seem very difficult to […]

Is Runkeeper Fitness App Tracking Too Much Personal Data?

Fitness apps are all the rage today. It seems every runner in the park is wearing a tracking device of some sort that collects data on their workouts and transmits it to a mobile app for user review. But are some fitness tech companies going too far in tracking their users? Tinder came under fire […]

5’2″ HSU student breaks dual weightlifting records at 2016 Collegiate Nationals

There aren’t too many women with athletic ambitions in the field of football or powerlifting. These are generally sports that attract testosterone-fueled guys seeking fame on the field or muscular supremacy on the beach. Then again, there aren’t too many women like Diana Hernandez-Avalos, the HSU student who shocked the world when she broke two […]

Exercise and the Human Brain: Physical Fitness reduces Stress, fights Depression

Earlier this week, in an write-up focusing on the importance of combining weight loss and muscle toning, I touched on the subject of how exercise effects the brain by helping to relieve stress and anxiety. In today’s restless society, I think that’s a topic that is well worth elaborating on. Researchers have been studying the […]

Vivomove: Sleek Analog style in a Fitness Tracker? You go, Garmin!

Some of us love the sleek, sporty design of today’s most advanced, multi-tasking fitness trackers. Then there’s those of us who prefer the classic, business-style fashion of a polished analog watch. For anyone who falls into the later group, you’ll be happy to know that’s the latest trend in fitness tracking devices. This morning, Garmin announced […]

Don’t be Skinny and Squishy – Lose Weight and Tone Muscle at the same time

New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit are incredibly common. Unfortunately, so is the rate of failure. Winter weather is one of the most common excuses to give up. Now that spring is here, we don’t have to spend money at the gym to get a good workout. It’s not just about losing […]

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