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Ever wonder why Pro Female Athletes Rarely get Pregnant?

Did you ever notice how incredibly rare it is to hear about a professional female athlete getting pregnant? The obvious reason would be that they don’t want to. To further their career, they surely take extra precautions against pregnancy. However, scientists have discovered that highly athletic women have a lower rate of fertility. The reason for […]

Why Lap Swimming is one of the Best but most Challenging Exercises

When’s the last time you swamp multiple laps across an Olympic size pool? Unless you’re an avid swimmer, it’s probably been a very long time, if ever. But if you’re looking to get fit and tone up all over, it may be time to jump back in the water. Lap swimming is one of the […]

Sylvester Stallone joins ‘Strong’ Fitness Series to help people become “Unbreakable”

When we think about rigorous exercise, building muscle and becoming stronger, Sylvester Stallone‘s character in the famous blockbuster movie series, Rocky, often comes to mind. No other film character worked so hard to become stronger and more physically fit. The image of Stallone running up and down those steps and fisting slabs of beef are forever ingrained […]

Naked 3D Fitness Tracking Mirror raising Serious Concerns

At some point in our lives, we all looked at our bodies naked in a mirror. Those who like what they see will flex their muscles, turn side to side and revel in their achievements, while those who do not are often filled with self-loathing, and perhaps a renewed determination to better their physical appearance. But […]

Back Fat got you down? Lose the Bra Bulge with Cardio and Strengthening

Our bodies retain fat in different areas, and at different levels of intensity, based on genetics. Scientific studies have already proven this. Some of us are prone to blubberous bellies, others to thunder thighs. There’s also a group of individuals who find the majority of their accumulation in back fat. Women seem to suffer from […]

Is Fitness and Exercise Important? This guy sure think so!

If you truly believe in something, what’s the best way to spread that message across an entire nation? One way is to take a slow trek across the United States, making pivotal stops to speak with communities and attracting media attention along the way. That’s exactly what Tommy Schneider of Chicago is setting out to […]

NEAT: It won’t tidy your house, but it could keep you Fit

If you’ve paid attention to some of the so-called experts – personal trainers, physicians specializing in weight loss, etc. – who’ve been traveling the world and/or appearing on talk shows to speak about getting fit and healthy, you may have noticed a trend towards motivating people to move around more. I’m not talking about going […]

Adidas Zone, the Wearable Fitness Tracker for School Kids

When the majority of us were kids, we had one of just two opinions about physical education (PE). We either LOVED it, or we HATED it! Today’s youth don’t seem to be much different, but Adidas wants to make sure that all children are getting enough physical activity while at school. The athletics brand has […]

Tech Tats: Why wear Fitness Tech when you can Tattoo it on your Skin?

There’s no question that technology is accelerating at the speed of light. Every time we turn around, there’s something newer, broader, better and more exciting happening in the tech world. In the last year or two, companies have fought to develop sleeker, more intuitive fitness technology we can wear on our bodies. Now, something called Tech […]

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