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Get Fit: The Dastardly Link between Perfectionism and Failure

Are you a perfectionist? Do you question the quality of everything you do? Could your last run have been longer? If you had just tried a little harder, could you have completed a few more squats? Maybe you stuck to your diet, but still questioned whether you should have taken a few less bites at […]

Could Technology be the key to Rising Awareness for Kids Fitness?

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably told your children at least once that we didn’t grow up with all the technology they have access to today. No, we played outside, climbing trees, riding bicycles, playing sports and burning calories by default. But the struggle to separate our sedentary children from technology and get them more […]

5 reasons Group Fitness Classes are better than going it alone

If you’ve been exercising regularly and staying in shape for years without the help of a group effort, keep it up. You’re doing great! But if you’re new to the physical fitness domain, or have found yourself struggling to sustain a routine, you may find that group fitness classes have a lot of advantages. Stepping […]

New Incentive Based Fitness Study very telling about People and their Money

Many businesses around the world use incentive programs to increase productivity in the workplace. Employees might receive a monthly bonus or a gift card to a popular dining establishment for exceeding demand. A simple picture depicting the ‘employee of the month’ is extremely popular. But the results of a new fitness study shows that employers […]

The Undeniable Benefits of Interval Training to Burn Fat

There’s a great debate going on in the fitness world, and depending which side you listen to, it could have a strong impact on your fat-burning goals. For those new to exercise – those who are looking to shed fat and get fit – taking the wrong advice could turn a worthy, well-meaning goal into […]

New Fitness Trend for 2016: The “30 Day Challenge”

If you’re a member of any popular social network like Facebook, Twitter, or InstaGram – and just about everyone is these days – chances are you’ve come across a growing number of messages provoking others to take a “30 day Challenge” of some sort. In the category of fitness trends, 30 day challenges are spreading […]

Exercise till the Cows Come Home, you still won’t Lose Weight without a Healthy Diet

For decades, we’ve been mentally trained to believe that burning calories through exercise is the number one priority when trying to lose weight. The more exercise you do, the more calories you’ll burn, thus the more weight you’ll lose. Numerous research studies are now contradicting that claim. The ‘more exercise = more calories burned’ theory […]

Add Chocolate to a Heart Healthy Diet (in Moderation, of Course!)

Don’t go out and buy up all the Cadbury Eggs, now, but did you know chocolate can be a heart-healthy additive to your diet? Research shows that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has several key nutrients that can be very good for you heart. Chocolate hasn’t exactly made its way into the category of ‘health food’, […]

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