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Be a Part of Science: Sign Up for ‘Stick To It!’ Fitness App

Ever wish you could be a part of something bigger? Ever dream of getting physically fit? Do you find yourself procrastinating, or giving up on workout goals you had every intention of keeping? Looking back on some point in our lives, most of us can answer yes to each of these questions. After all, we’re […]

Mother of 3 explains how to ‘HIIT’ the Gym when Time is Against You

Tiffany Bergan has been health conscious her entire life. Working out and staying fit was as important as anything else. Now, with three young children in tow, Tiffany admits she was near to giving up on her passion due to the ultimate time constraints, but she found a way to “HIIT” the gym without neglecting […]

New Study Discredits ‘Fat but Fit is Healthy’; Better to be Lean and Unfit

A new study published in Oxford’s International Journal of Epidemiology has targeted the popular theory that it’s okay to be obese, so long as your fit; commonly referred to as the ‘fat but fit’ philosophy. The study, which examined 1.3 million Swedish men, found that the lifespan of a lean individual who undergoes no aerobic […]

Back to Basics: Benefits of Step Aerobics and how to Make it Better

If you’re a product of the 80’s, or anything older, you probably remember when Step Aerobics came around. Even if you were too young to think about fitness back then, it was all over the television and making huge waves at gyms around the world. Nearly three decades later, it may see outdated, but step […]

Study shows Skipping or Drinking Coffee Reorganizes the Brain’s Connectivity

When the majority of adults wake up and get ready for their day, a cup of coffee (or two, or three) is a constant element of our repertoire. We may drink coffee in its purest, blackened state, just as it comes from the carafe, or flavor it up with cream and sweeteners. However we drink […]

New Year’s Resolutions to Get Fit that Won’t Drive you Insane

It’s almost 2016, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. The majority of us will choose something designed to improve our health, whether it’s a more nutritious diet, active workout regimen, or to simply get enough rest that the body can recuperate. Fitness author and certified nutritionist Lisa Dorfman […]

Hotel Fitness Centers evolving to accommodate Guests on the Go

Like every other major business within the travel and tourism industry, hotels are extremely competitive. The average traveler weighs both cost and amenities when choosing where to rest their weary head. As a growing portion of society now pays more attention to overall health, hotels are focusing more on the superiority of their fitness centers. […]

Expert says Six Packs Abs are Harder for Women, but not Unattainable

For decades, we’ve watched infomercials and (more recently) YouTube videos of insanely buff men telling us how they achieved six pack abs, and how we can do it too. The one thing you may have noticed during all that time is that there aren’t too many women who flaunt the same muscular midsection. But that […]

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