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Study says Overeating Impresses Ladies, Men’s Health Preserved by Avoiding Buffets

Men’s health is often defined by the sculpture of our bodies. If we’re lean and fit, or better yet bound in rippling muscles, the ladies are undeniably more attracted to us. Contrary to that proven fact, though, a new study shows that women also like a man who can gorge himself on pizza – and […]

Diabetic Chiropractor Inspires All as 2015 MFO Weightlifting Champion

Lifting weights professionally isn’t an easy feat. It takes intense training, unrelenting dedication and implacable willpower just to compete, much less succeed. Dr. Edward C. Camacho knows all about that. Having participated in weight lifting competitions since 2010, the young chiropractor, who’s spent as many years battling diabetes, was named 2015 Weightlifting Champion at this […]

Walk Away from MCI, Alzheimer’s: Study links Exercise to Improvements in Brain Cortex

In a revolutionary new study, doctors have discovered that moderate exercise in seniors could be the perfect preventative for developing Alzheimer’s, and may actually help to counter the effects of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI, or the early stages of Alzheimer’s). Older adults who participated in the moderate intensity exercise program saw an increase in the […]

Drop and Give me 180! Planet Fitness Lawsuit Dropped, Settlement Paid to former Employee

In today’s corporate business world, lawsuits have become as common as budget meetings. One false step, or even a lifting of the foot in the wrong direction, and papers are filed with the court system. Based on new information released Monday, that appears to be what happened in August when Planet Fitness simultaneously fired and […]

The Crunning Movement: Grab your Gloves, it’s Time to Exercise!

To all you fitness fanatics out there, we’ve unearthed a new exercise trend that may soon make its way to the western hemisphere. It’s recently been labeled “Crunning”; a combination of crawling and running, and yes – it’s exactly what you just imagined. As ridiculous as it may sound, groups of exercise gurus are getting […]

Healthy Diet and Exercise, for Fitness or Fatness?

For years, experts have debated the issue of why people should eat a healthy diet and exercise. Should they do so for fitness, or fatness? Two academic health professors compared the difference between the two finding that, while on some levels fitness and weight management go hand in hand, they are also two completely separate […]

Wearable Fitness Tech: Microsoft Band 2 blows away competition

When Microsoft introduced its first wearable fitness technology, expertly titled the Microsoft Band, it was almost laughable. Yes, the company put a great deal of awesome features into it, but wearing the atrociously blocky band was awkward and uncomfortable, to say the least. But the company’s second edition, the Microsoft Band 2, is so advanced, […]

Exercise and Diet Tips for the Hard Working Class

How often do we see ads and info-mercials depicting the muscle-bound bodies of people who seem to have nothing better to do than exercise all day? Sure, some of us have the time to hit the gym each day, or take a jog in the morning before starting our day, but for many of us […]

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