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ACSM declares Wearable Fitness Technology the official Trend for 2016

Each year, trends in the fitness industry experience a proverbial swing of the pendulum as athletics drive the market in a new direction. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) studies such swings to deliver a forecast of what the next year will bring. As such, ACSM has declared 2016 the year of wearable fitness […]

The Holidays are Coming! Get Prepared with Good Fitness Habits

If you haven’t been living under a rock this month, you can already smell the caloric onslaught in the air. Everywhere you go, there’s a seasonal pumpkin-flavored treat or beverage for sale, and if you think it’s okay—that these delectable specialties will be gone soon enough—you’re wrong. The holiday season barely is upon us, and […]

Data proves Exercising in the Morning breeds Consistency and Happiness

Many fitness gurus have passed on a similar piece of advice over the years, recommending that early morning workouts promote a happier and healthier lifestyle. While there is research proving that early, there’s been no evidence that people better maintain their fitness routine, or that they’re happier for it. That is, until now. Thanks to […]

Strength Training is the Secret to Burning Fat and Losing Weight

Ask 10 random people what they think is the best form of exercise to burn fat and lose weight, and chances you will get 10 different answers. One of the most common misconceptions is that cardio workouts are excellent for burning fat, but as the name clearly implies, cardio workouts are designed specifically for cardiovascular […]

No More Excuses: Learn how to Stay Motivated for Gym Workouts

I’ve heard every excuse in the book, and have used many of them myself over the years, to avoid getting to the gym. You’re tired, you don’t have time, you’ll miss the football game, or maybe you don’t feel comfortable working out in public. No more excuses! I’ve scripted a full list of the most […]

Sensoria Smart Socks: Supreme Fitness Hardware or Really Expensive Socks?

Think back for a moment. How much was the most expensive pair of socks you ever purchased? Maybe they were name-brand socks for a suit-n-tie affair? Maybe they were more expensive due to a specially designed, form fitting arch. Diabetic socks aren’t cheap, either. But could you imagine paying $199 for a pair of socks? […]

Bad Advice and Fitness Tips that should have you saying WTF?

If you’ve been going to the gym or fitness classes for any length of time, you’re probably just like the rest of us, having heard some pretty strange theories from fellow workout buffs. More often than not, the advice we receive is beneficial, but every once in a while, even trainers have heard some ridiculously […]

Get Optimal Fitness Results from your Squats with a Medicine Ball

The Medicine Ball. We’ve all seen them. Most of us have used them at one time or another. But for the most part, we don’ really appreciate the benefits of that odd little round, weighted object. That’s because generally we utilize an excessive amount of weight, overexerting ourselves and thus depleting the advantages that should […]

Exploring the Theory that Hot Workouts are Better

When we work out, we sweat. It’s a natural part of physical exertion. For some fitness buffs, the more they sweat, the more productive they feel their workout is. In fact, several modern fitness programs are based on the idea achieving maximum results by exercising in a heated facility. But is a hot workout really […]

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