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Applying the F.I.T.T. Principle to Maximize Repetitive Workouts

For many of us, working out is something we do as a routine, and while routines are great in everyday life, when they become repetitive, they aren’t always beneficial to your fitness. For example, getting up at 6:00am and having a glass of water, healthy breakfast and leaving for work at the same time every […]

Healthy Fitness Training – Even God took a Day Off

When a person develops a passion for fitness, they have a tendency to take it a bit too far. It often results in that person either losing their desire to workout, or taking it so far that they actually become unhealthy. Any genuine fitness training expert will tell you, it’s not good to work out […]

Study Proves that Regular Exercise lowers Fitness Age in Seniors

Anyone can tell you that if you want to be healthy, you should maintain a good diet and get plenty of exercise. The truth in that statement is especially accurate for senior citizens. According to a recent study that observed the ‘fitness age’ of 50+ individuals, those who exercise regularly were at least 20 years […]

Under Armour and Sports Authority Link Data for Loyalty Benefits

Under Armour has been a leading apparel choice of athletes, fitness gurus and sports leagues across the globe since the late 1990’s. Last year, the company decided to branch out into the technology business by acquiring the fitness tracking application, MapMyFitness. Now, Under Armour and popular retail outlet, Sports Authority, and lining linking up to […]

Are You Ready for your Close-Up? The Unhealthy Side of Fitness Photography

We’ve all seen the masculine, bicep-bulging, perfectly toned bodies of what appears to be the world’s most fit men and women, draped across billboards, posters and other media outlets. Many of us have professed our willingness to perform unspeakable acts to achieve such healthy perfection. But according to experts in the field, the frightening truth […]

Mike Chang Record for Weighted Pull-Ups Broken by Simon Diamond

Fitness gurus around the world lauded the amazing feat of Simon Diamond last month when he broke a world record originally set by workout sensation Mike Chang. With 2x 10kg weights attached to his waist, 23 year old Diamond was able to complete 16 pull-ups in one minute, surpassing Chang’s previous record of 14. The […]

Bestselling Supplements to Avoid

I recently wrote an article on the Biggest Selling Supplements, in which I sorted through the top 50 list on and picked out the best 10 supplements, reviewing each of them in turn. These supplements will work in any regime and can really boost you towards your goals, but that’s not to say that […]

The Biggest Selling Supplements Reviewed

The supplement industry is bigger than it has ever been, and it is growing even bigger everyday. There are currently more supplements, more supplement types and more brands on the market than ever before. It’s good to have so many to choose from, but it’s also very confusing, especially if you’re new to the supplement […]

Fitness Blender Review

If you want a website that provides free fitness information, yet has a professional standard of content, then checkout Fitness Blender. This website was put together by a husband and wife team, Daniel and Kelli Segars. The site went live in 2010 after a 2 year planning period, and until 2012 the owners worked on […]

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