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Best Working Out Online Resources

If you need some help achieving your workout goals, then you’re in luck, as there is a wealth of information out there. The internet is your best friend in this regard, but not all information online is credible, as a dietitian from Health explains: “I find myself shaking my head, rolling my eyes, and asking, […]

Uncommon Workout Techniques and Ideas

If you’re getting bored with your workout routine, then maybe you need to mix things up. You don’t have to stay within the restrictive workout regimes that so many people set for themselves. There are many ways to workout and many people haven’t even scratched the surface. Why Mixing Up Your Workouts Is Important The […]

Best Forum Threads

One of the best sources for information online are forums. These offer experience reports and opinions from the average person, and you can also interact with them. In this article we will be looking at forum threads, because that is the biggest forum out there as far as fitness and bodybuilding is concerned. There […]

Boost Testosterone to Get a Six Pack

For the average guy, getting a six pack is no small feat. It requires a complete transformation with the way they live, eat and spend their free time. For most it’s too much to cope with. However, there are things you can do to tilt the odds in your favor. It could be the difference […]

The Most Inspiring Workout Books

The best of us can feel down from time to time, unable to get in the mood to finish a workout. The trick is to get back into the right mindset before you convince yourself to quit, and a great way of doing that is by reading inspirational workout books. Getting your head right will […]

The Science Behind The Afterburn Effect

There are a variety of claims suggesting that you can take simple shortcuts to meet your fitness goals, but most of these claims come from people who can’t back them up with hard evidence. However, there is one way of working out that greatly increases fat loss, and doesn’t involve any kind of questionable supplementation […]

Three Best Online Fitness Trainers on YouTube

If you’re on a mission to bulk up, lose weight or get that elusive six pack, then you can learn a lot from a fitness instructor. Nobody is born with the knowledge of how to workout properly, you have to learn how to do it. As this article explains, it can be overwhelming trying […]

3 Interesting Workout Supplement Studies

The main thing you can ask for from a supplement company is that their product is backed up by scientific research and studies. You’re putting these products into your body, so it’s important to know the ingredients and their effects. Ignorance is not bliss in this case. If you ignore the warning signs then 12 […]

Are Workout Supplements Really Worth The Money?

Bodybuilding supplements aren’t cheap, and the fact that you have to continually buy them for as long as you workout doesn’t make it any cheaper. However, consider the overall picture, the actual benefits they bring and what the outcome could be if you don’t add them to your regime. If you still think that bodybuilding […]

5 Supplements Myths You Need To Know About

Working out is a lot easier with supplements, thanks to the array of benefits they provide. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding what supplements can actually do for you. This misinformation can lead to huge setbacks, as you might become too reliant on a certain supplement, expecting it to do more […]

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