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Studies Which Show Workout Supplements Work

Thanks to some of the audacious claims made by some supplement brands, it can be very difficult to believe anyone in this industry. Most companies show a ripped man or woman on the label, followed by an enticing slogan that promises the world. The claims are always huge, but does the reality actually match them? […]

Tips To Improve The Effects Of Fat Burners

If you are looking to get ripped, you should consider investing in fat burning supplements. However, it isn’t as simple as popping a pill and waiting for the fat to melt away. You will still need to work hard in order to lose fat, but just that fat burners can make a difference, and that’s […]

5 Creatine Myths That Just Aren’t True

Creatine is one of the best workout ingredients out there. So much so that a lot of people take it as a standalone product. The range of benefits it offers include a boost in athletic performance, increase in testosterone levels, a sharper mind and quicker post-workout recovery, as Best Creatine Monohydrate reports. It’s a great […]

How Workout Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight

When focusing on achieving a lean figure, your main concerns will probably relate to the muscle mass that you put on, but you need to give equal thought to the body fat that you lose. This is something that a lot of people overlook. They assume that if they work out on a regular basis […]

Why You Shouldn’t Depend On Workout Supplements

Workout supplements work no matter who you are and what kind of training you do. They might aid certain goals better than others, but in the end they all work. There are many stories out there to back this up. For example, Rob Miller from Supplement Critique tried out the Force Factor 2 supplement, and […]

What You Need To Know About Protein

There are two components to adding muscle mass: working out and eating right. And when it comes to eating right, you need as much protein as you can get. Protein is the most basic muscle building ingredient there is, the one thing that can guarantee mass. As Michael Belle states: “Proteins are the machinery of […]

How Supplements Can Boost The Metabolic Rate

You’ve probably heard people say that they cannot lose weight as quickly as the next guy because they have a slow metabolism. Whilst you might have dismissed this as nonsense, it might actually be true, because metabolic rates can differ from person to person, depending on gender, body surface area, and even genetics. However, there […]

Understanding Protein Powders: Popular Forms Discussed Part 2

This is the second part of an article in which I look at the many different protein powders on the market, with an aim to help those new to bodybuilding and to protein powders gain a better understanding of what the differences are and how you can use them to your benefit. There is a […]

Pre-Workout Supplements & High Intensity Exercises

If you enjoy high-intensity exercises but feel drained at the end, and sometimes struggle to even get to the end, then pre-workout supplements could be your new best friend. They are tailor-made for high-intensity exercises, giving you more power and energy, and letting you go further and do more. As eSupplements suggests, you can get […]

Understanding Protein Powders: Popular Forms Discussed Part 1

There was once a time when the only protein powder on the market was simple whey protein concentrate. This remained for some time, but there has been an huge change in the last couple of decades and now it seems that there are dozens of different protein powders, from egg and pea protein, to whey […]

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