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Case Studies Illustrating The Danger Of Supplements

Relatively speaking, the workout supplement industry is still in its infancy. After all, one of the most popular workout ingredients today, creatine, wasn’t commercial available until 1993. Its release to the wider public came about after Linford Christie won 100m gold at the 1992 Olympics, as reported by Wikipedia. Because it is a young marketplace, […]

Workout Supplements and Eating Right

Thanks to the advice of many fitness and nutritional experts, you’ve probably already heard the saying that the perfect formula for achieving your muscle building or weight-loss goals is: 50% exercise and 50% diet. This emphasizes the importance of selecting good quality food, because as this Huffington Post article explains, “you cannot out-train a bad […]

Best Foods to Get your Fix of Omega Oils (Excluding Fish)

Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils have been talked about for a few years now, passed around as one of the latest superfoods and one that can improve everything from heart health to brain health. Whilst a lot of information like this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, there is a lot […]

Why Your Workout Needs Supplements

There are many people who simply don’t understand supplements. After all, bodybuilders have gotten by without them for centuries. It is true that you can get great results without supplements, but they can make a huge difference. If you find the right one, the difference in workout performance, muscle growth rate and mental boost can […]

How AAKG Can Help You Achieve Muscle Growth

You can shed weight fairly quickly, but building muscle takes time. These processes are very different, and whilst they both require hard work and dedication, building muscle requires just that little bit more time and effort. As Livestrong suggests, many factors can affect the rate of muscle growth, including level of fitness, frequency of workouts, […]

4 Things To Avoid When Selecting A Workout Supplement

You might have worked out what you need to look for when selecting the right sports supplement, but what about the things that you need to avoid? Think of it like a process of elimination, you can end up with a great list of supplements by eliminating the ones which have negative qualities. Here are […]

Pre-Workout Ingredients For Strength And Endurance

If you have you ever wondered why the guy next to you in the gym is getting better gains, the answer could be as simple as sports supplements. If you are limited to “natural” means and the person next to you is taking supplements, that extra edge they have over you is what’s making you […]

Avoiding Sports Supplement Scams

You want to spend your hard-earned money on the things that truly add value to your life, and when it comes to fitness that’s going to be a gym memberships, fitness equipment, good quality food and supplements that actually work. The only one you might have trouble with is selecting the right supplement, because there […]

Money Saving Tips For Buying Sports Supplements

Buying workout supplements on a regular basis can become expensive, which is damaging if you have a limited budget. The last thing you want to do is start a supplement regime and then run out of money, being unable to finish it. This is especially true if you find that working out without them is […]

Vitamin and Antioxidant Supplementation

Many of you will have heard of strength/energy inducing supplements like creatine, and stimulants such as caffeine. But did you know that vitamins and antioxidants also play an important role in building muscle? The benefits they provide include a reduction in muscle soreness, removal of muscle destroying free-radicals and the introduction of nutrients for the […]

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