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Dieting and Meal Frequencies As Per Mike Chang

Believe it or not, you can eat a lot and stay skinny while at the same time creating muscles. The key lies in how you work out, the food you eat and when you eat it. To begin, let me try to outline the different types of bodies you see at the gym, which I […]

Breath Synchronization: The Guide to Workout Enlightenment

It has been said that once a person becomes aware of each breath and is able to maintain that awareness until the end of their time that he or she will have reached an enlightened state. While none of us here at Mike Chang’s top fan site have reached that, we can say there is […]

Activating The Afterburn Effect: How To Eat A Lot Without Getting Fat

The only way to eat a lot and not get fat is to exercise and do so by activating what is known as the Afterburn Effect, otherwise thought of as an ongoing metabolism that burns fat even while not working out. To understand the differences between food intake and exercise coupled with how they mix […]

Mike Chang’s New Haircut: Shaved…But Sexy?

Is it just me or did Mike Chang just get more sexy with his decision to shave his head as part of his year-end tradition. Perhaps yes, but for me, it sits otherwise. The Chang we have all come to know first through pretty spiked hair later followed with a pony tail that seemed to […]

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