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Basic Theory Regarding Weight Balance

Because you let yourself go you became what is known as “fat” or overweight. But don’t worry, just because you let go doesn’t mean you can’t pull yourself back into the way you want to be. Gaining weight comes from three primary reasons-diet, exercise and state of mind. In terms of diet, people either over eat or eat too many fatty […]

The Importance of Training Corresponding Muscles During Workouts

Trainers often tend to put emphasis on a certain muscle group one day and then another group a different day in order to drain the muscle and maximize growth. For example, Mondays might be dedicated to biceps while Tuesdays back etc. However, trainers are finding out that this method is not useful for total optimization, largely due […]

Importance and Theory Of Lean Protein

When guys are trying to get ripped they often try to bump up their protein count. In doing so most guys eat a lot of food, a lot of which has high calories, making it hard to lose weight and have the muscles shine through without a thick layer of fat. In order to stay slim and […]

Does Working Out Detoxify The Body? 

Working out helps detoxify the body in several ways. The sweat gathered from working out comes from perspiration that seeps through pores into the open, allowing the body to essentially drain itself of whatever is inside liquid wise. The chemicals found in the sweat range from everything the body has drunk and even eaten over the […]

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