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Mike Chang’s Ancestors On Energetic Training and Daoism

The Lower Dantian, which is an energy point located about two finger widths down from the belly button and about two inches inward in the stomach, is an energy point that acts as a the core center for the lower and upper parts of the body. The word Dantian is Chinese, and is loosely translated […]

How Training The Mind Can Improve Your Workouts

People who tend to be more focused on their endeavors in life, whether it is with sports, careers or relationships, also have attributes of a strong mind focus- that is, they are not distracted easily, they maintain their goals in sight and constantly work toward them, and do not let the petty stuff get in […]

Mike Chang’s Calorie Reality Check

I constantly hear people talking at the gym about how they count their calories every day and yet, are still baffled why they are not losing weight. There are some really simple reasons for this. First of all, every food and drink a person intakes is made up of calories aside from water, so this […]

Mike Chang Muscle Mass Secrets

Mike Chang often says that in fact there is no secret to gaining bigger muscles other than lifting heavier and eating more food. Pills, shots, supplements (aside from pre-workout drinks and protein) are all secondary to the body’s natural ability to pack on meat through natural methods, making diet and increased muscle tension and fiber […]

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