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Mike Chang is annoying: Customer reviews on the Six Pack Shortcuts

Some people these days are really annoyed with Mike Chang. But what are they annoyed about? From most bloggers responses, they are pissed because they see Mike Chang ads everywhere, especially online. The bloggers are pissed because they think Mike Chang is a sellout for putting his face everywhere but actually this isn’t entirely his […]

10 reasons I love Mike Chang

1. He has tons of free videos. Mike offers training from everything to chest, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back in addition to cardio workouts throughout his hundreds of videos that are offered for free online. 2. He was fat and struggled to get where he is. Some guys start off neither fat nor scrawny […]

What men over 40 need to do to build muscle: Tips from Mike Chang

For most people over 40, it’s not about the body that keeps men from exercising-it’s more about the mindset! By age 40, most men are already in a routine they find hard to get out of. They think that between work and family there is either not much time or energy for exercising, or they […]

Creative workouts to do with just a wall

Yes, believe it or not you can work out with just yourself and a wall. If you ever catch yourself aimlessly staring at it, next time here are a few things you can do to turn the experience into something that can benefit your health. First of all, you can do squats. To do this, […]

10 healthy tips to get you in shape for 2014

Spring is around the corner and summer will be here before you know it. That means it’s that time for you to come out of hibernation from a long winter and start getting active again. But before you start hitting the gym too hard here are some tips to make the transition smoother. 1. Keep […]

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