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Afterburn Fuel Review: Can it help you get ripped?

According to Mike Chang, 95% of guys at the gym are wasting their time. Why? Because they are not reaching what Chang calls the “Growth Threshold”, which is the only time that muscle is being built. The growth threshold is only reached in the last few reps of a workout before total muscle failure. However, […]

10 reasons why Mike Chang’s online fitness program has the best workouts: Customer reviews

You have probably heard hype about Mike Chang somewhere around the web, but why is he so damn popular? Many people have written their reviews on Mike Chang’s products such as Six Pack Shortcuts, Insane Home Fatloss, Afterburn Fuel, and Monster Mass, and have left their opinions about why they think his programs are the […]

How exercising can improve anger, self-esteem and depression

Anger, self-esteem and depression are often common traits among teenagers. While we are not experts on the topic and believe that if you have severe symptoms you should see a doctor, we do think that in many cases such issues can be resolved naturally and safely simply through exercising. Why is that? Well, when we […]

How can teens lose weight fast? 5 best ways to cut belly fat

As a teenager, it easy to put on weight due to many factors such as stress from school, maturing, relationships and cold climates etc. If any of these reasons or other factors has caused you to gain weight and you are looking to cut it off for good, or if they have even caused you […]

Is Mike Chang’s fitness program a hoax?

No, and here is why. First of all, many people across the globe have testified to Mike Chang’s products, whether it is his Six Pack Shortcuts program, his Insane Home Fatloss program, or even his other products such as Afterburn Fuel and Monster Mass. If you haven’t seen any of the reviews, go onto YouTube […]

I’m stuck on my workouts, what should I do? 5 techniques to improve your workouts

It’s not uncommon for people to plateau in their workouts. Generally, most people see immediate results when they begin working out, and gradually see them increase over the next 3-9 months depending on how much they are training. Afterwards, people tend to get stuck on the same lifting amount, the same body cut and become […]

Should I trust Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program?

The best way to tell if an online workout program is legit or not is by the performance and quality of knowledge someone presents in his or her videos. If you have ever watched an infomercial that is trying to sell workout equipment or programs, typically you are promised all sorts of magical results despite […]

Why is Mike Chang everywhere?

Mike Chang, who is the head honcho for the well-known Six Pack Shortcuts videos, is appearing all over the web these days. It’s hard not to see his advertisement on the web, especially on YouTube, where he dominates most videos related to exercising. Many people are wondering why this is the case, and below aims […]

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