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Should you be taking pre-workout meals before bodybuilding?

Yes, and here is why. Your body needs energy for working out. It needs energy before a workout so that you can have the power and focus needed to do your training, and it also needs fuel for during the workout in order to keep your body going. This can be achieved through pre-workout meals […]

Before and After Pics – Legit or Not ?

We’ve all seen the late-night infomercials with super-fit workout gurus and often even celebrities showing off their before-and-after pictures following their use of some dietary plan, workout regime or gimmicky exercise equipment. After curiously watching such programs, we all ask ourselves the same question. Are those before and after ab pictures legit? Even Mike Chang, […]

Learn to Get Ripped via Membership

The number one excuse people use for not working out is that they can’t find a fitness program that they like. They are too hard, too long or too expensive. If a workout program is too hard, you’re either not committed enough or too far out of shape to start with that workout’s intensity level. […]

Get Ripped the Natural Way

Go to the beach, to the gym, or even turn on your favorite late night wrestling program, and you’re almost guaranteed to see a barrage of ridiculously buff, muscular men with bulging biceps, popping pecks and quads that exceed the circumference of the sturdiest telephone pole. Most of them are impressive specimens, and some are […]

Working Out With Only a Towel

One of the most common issues people have with working out – at least for those who want to get ripped – is the eventual cost of getting from point A to point B. Workout equipment isn’t cheap, and neither is a gym membership. With that in mind, I’ve decided to create an entire page […]

Cheap Working Out Home Set Ups

One of the main concerns when first starting a workout regime is the cost. Gym memberships can be expensive, and not everyone has the time or perhaps the self-esteem to work out in a public place. That’s okay. Working out from home can be just as effective, and you don’t need to spend thousands, or […]

Afterburn Fuel : What is inside and is it useful?

Mike Chang developed Afterburn pre-workout fuel back in 2012 with the idea of creating not another muscle building supplement, but mass building supplements. It is the most effective and complex supplement on the market when it comes to pre-workout energy intake, and is taken easily in a couple of gulps usually within 30 minutes before […]

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