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Mike Chang and metabolic acceleration

Metabolic acceleration is the process by which the metabolism increases. So, any methods related to this are essentially methods that are used to increase one’s metabolism, most likely for the use of losing weight. When it comes to weight loss, most people are stuck on how to increase their metabolism and cannot understand why they […]

Is Mike Chang natural?

Yes, and you know how Mike gets all his energy for going the extra mile in his workouts so that he can pack on a lot of meat? The answer is not steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs, but by naturally increasing his testosterone. In one of Mike Chang videos it was pointed out that men […]

Are Mike Chang workouts good?

In our opinion they are some of the best. Mike Chang has developed workouts with some of the best trainers in the world and shows you what he has learned through comprehensive videos that are both entertaining and educational. One example is in Mike Chang’s bicep exercises. Mike has many of these but I have […]

Why Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts training program is not a scam

If Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts is a scam then Mike Chang wouldn’t be sweating his ass off in his videos or gasping for breath by the end of his online workouts. He shows you the same techniques he uses for his personal workouts and doesn’t do any fancy editing in his videos to make […]

Does Mike Chang have the best online workout membership?

Mike Chang is currently the biggest online trainer in the world and his followers are continuing to grow in number by the day. This doesn’t happen unless you have an awesome program that is effective and suited for the needs of the many, but yet there are still people curious whether his program is the […]

Getting Ripped as a Teen

Throughout the last few decades, there has been widespread debate over whether teenagers should be allowed to work out. I’ve heard parents complaining that their young teenagers are not old enough to be working out, especially when it comes to lifting weights. These fears are not unfounded. Mike Chang himself has produced videos in which […]

10 myths about Mike Chang

1. He cheated. Sorry, but cheating implies doing something deceitful or dishonest by either taking shortcuts and or copying other peoples’ work. No can do folks, because the body doesn’t work that way. You can’t just inject a bunch of pills and have surgery or whatever deceitful things can be done to the body to […]

Does Mike Chang use steroids?

No. And let me explain why. Many people who become successful at what they do often receive high amounts of criticism and by others, often being called “cheaters” or “scammers” of some sort. This is mainly because other competitors are jealous, they want to get the success for themselves, and believe that portraying someone negatively […]

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