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Is Monster Mass legit and safe? -Review

Monster Mass is one of the newest additions to Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts exercises that feature specialized workouts geared toward helping people build big muscles fast. The exercises help people achieve such goals by describing in detail the following points: 1. How to build muscle fast 2. How to turn weak body parts into […]

Uncommon ways to Lose Fat

We’ve all tried the expensive dieting programs, eating low carbs, cutting out all sugars, reducing calorie consumption to as little as possible (i.e. the crash diet). These methods rarely work, and in many cases can do a lot more harm to your body than good. If you really want to burn fat, and you’ve become […]

Top fat loss foods by Insane Home Fat Loss

In short-Vegetables, fruits, lots of water, multiple sources of protein… and brown rice. Why Vegetables? Most of us don’t like them so do we have to? Well, Mike Chang tells you that you better get to like them because they have good vitamins and fibers, and will stay in your stomach for a long time […]

Review-Is Insane Home Fat Loss good?

We definitely think so. The program has comprehensive workouts that help you lose body fat in addition to toning your muscles. Mike Chang and his co-host(s) take you through a variety of exercises in his videos that are meant to be fun, yet highly effective. Here are some of the main points and philosophy Mike […]

Mike Chang fitness:The best abs workouts of Six Pack Shortcuts

Out of all the abs workouts Mike Chang offers in his videos, none seem to be more effective and popular than the routine mentioned below. The following is a 6-minute exercise that can be divided into the following categories: Reverse crunch 20 reps Toe touches 20 reps Planks 30 seconds each Reverse crunches are good […]

Safe Muscle Tone Techniques

Muscle tone; it’s something you hear constantly in the gym. I know Mike Chang, as a personal trainer, must have heard this question at least a thousand times. How do you increase muscle tone? Ask the wrong person that most basic of questions and you might get a less than desirable response. Work out more, […]

Does jogging really help with getting ripped?

According to Mike Chang, jogging is a great way to lose fat and get active, especially for beginners who try to find excuses not to work out. With jogging, all you really need are your clothes and you are good to go, so Chang highly recommends it as a great way to get out and […]

Mike Chang’s best workouts for a V-Shaped Torso

Using a close grip bar for doing T bar exercises is great for getting a V-Shaped torso because T bars will help put a lot of thickness on your middle back as well as on your rhomboids. Getting a V shape torso means that you will need to work these two main two areas, as […]

How to bodybuild on a budget- 5 Mike Chang methods

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on food to pack on muscle. Mike Chang reveals his diet secrets here on how he got big with a limited budget back when he was in high school. 1. Eats lot of peanut butter sandwiches. These are not the most nutritional methods but the […]

Mike Chang’s insane home chest workouts

Here are 6 push-up exercises that will help your chest blow and up and get more tone. They are part of Mike Chang’s chest workouts and can be viewed both on his DVDs and YouTube videos. The following exercises should be done at 10-20 reps each with no break in between Finishing 10-20 reps for […]

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