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Did You Know?

Did you know that you are a badass full of crazy potential who is about to surface at any moment and explode into rays of brilliance that will change the way humanity thinks and acts in relation to the cosmos? Well, perhaps you did, but if not now you know and are now ready for […]

Stop Looking at the Mirror and Rather at the Movement!

Men and women alike spend way too much time looking at themselves in the mirror at the gym. Have you even caught yourself having arrived to the gym for no more than 10 minutes and then begin looking at the mirror in hope that your muscles have already exploded or that you’ve lost 10lbs? My […]

The Importance of the “Now” in Working Out

In general, people tend to do things while hoping to see the result instead of enjoying the process. As this occurs the mind often jumps ahead and while it may appear to be focused, it is actually distracting itself from paying attention to the details along the way, which ironically, was key in helping make […]

Small Workouts Make Big Differences

Are you someone who only has limited time and as a result makes excuses not to work out? If so, read on as you will see that small doses of workouts actually make a huge difference! Most people get too overwhelmed by the thought of working out before they even try it. Usually, we read […]

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