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As I’ve stated multiple times throughout the pages of this Mike Chang fan site, it took a lot to convince me to buy his Six Pack Shortcuts program. I spent two months doing my own research on some of what I considered to be outrageous claims. It wasn’t until I discovered an abundance of truth […]

Zen Workouts

Have you ever heard anyone say they had achieved a ‘state of zen’; describing the harmonious balance of body, mind and soul? Are you familiar with meditation and its multifarious properties, clearing the mind of its daily surplus of debris and focusing on a single pursuit to expedite its fruition? If nothing else, you surely […]

Mike Chang Body Transformation

Countless individuals, much like myself, have seen the ads, the videos, the Six Pack Shortcut website, the famous before-and-after picture depicting Mike Chang’s body transformation. It’s amazing what one man was able to do when he set his mind to it, and as you may have guessed by the simple fact that I’ve built an […]

Why Mike Chang Makes Us Laugh

 After watching over 200 of Mike’s YouTube videos on his Six Pack Shortcuts channel, I have to say this guy is, for the most part, very serious about what he does. All of his videos are up-beat, high energy and ultimately entertaining, in a fitness minded kind of way. But every once in a while, […]

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