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Law of Attraction for Working Out

 I’m a firm believer that willpower is the key to achieving any goal. The reason so many people fail in dietary plans and physical fitness is often the result of lacking in the willpower to keep it up. Now I’m not saying every diet or workout will help you meet your goals. The majority of […]

How To Get a 6 Pack Fast

There are plenty of diet and fitness programs out there that claim to give you the six pack abs you always wanted. Some of them might even say the results are super quick, but only Mike Chang’s Sixpack Shortcuts has provided many of its devotees, like myself, with a fully developed six pack in just […]

Is Mike Chang Legit ?

 I’m one of the most skeptical guys out there. I’ve undergone myriad fitness programs, endured insufferable diet plans, eaten nothing but cabbage-based meals for weeks at a time. None of them worked! Before I tried Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts, I was just as skeptical as anyone else out there. But instead of closing my […]

Qi-Gong Workout Optimization

“Qi” /CH?/ – Noun: The circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine. “Gong” /g?NG/ – Verb: Cultivation of Qi When combining the two words, the term “Qi-Gong” translates literally to “Life Force Cultivation”. Oriental Qi-Gong has been used throughout the centuries, derived from ancient China. It […]

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