10 reasons I love Mike Chang

1. He has tons of free videos. Mike offers training from everything to chest, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back in addition to cardio workouts throughout his hundreds of videos that are offered for free online.

2. He was fat and struggled to get where he is. Some guys start off neither fat nor scrawny and end up getting ripped pretty easily. For Chang though, he used to be overweight and had to figure everything out himself after years of struggle with exercising and diet.

3. He can relate to you. This is largely because of number 2 but because he is an overall down-to-earth guy this makes him even more badass.

4. He cares about your progress. Mike Chang is concerned about helping people get in shape rather than trying to just make money from people.

5. He is the boss. People look up to him and admire his training.

6. His videos are homemade. He is not worried about making super high-end videos for his audiences, which shows that his work is not commercialized and really down to earth.

7. He doesn’t talk smack about other trainers. Mike Chang lives by what he believes in and doesn’t turn down other peoples’ methods, which shows that not only he is a good person but also puts focuses his energy more positively.

8. He is positive. Mike Chain doesn’t complain about his endeavors and works hard towards his goals.

9. Mike Chang is smart and really understands the body. He often talks about his workouts and how they relate to the body in a scientific way, which shows he knows more than just pumping iron.

10. He is real. Some people think Mike Chang is a fraud but actually his workouts are real, making him one of if not the most legit online trainer in the world.

As a fitness instructor later turned into a YouTube sensation, Mike Chang has managed to stay modest throughout the way. For a lot of people, becoming famous can get to one’s head but he managed to maintain composure and have a welcoming attitude.

Some trainers like Scott Herman are overtly pretentious and don’t ever really reveal a lot of tips the way Chang does. Other trainers also talk smack about others in the business, but overall Mike doesn’t and only wants to spread positive energy to others.

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