10 myths about Mike Chang

1. He cheated. Sorry, but cheating implies doing something deceitful or dishonest by either taking shortcuts and or copying other peoples’ work. No can do folks, because the body doesn’t work that way. You can’t just inject a bunch of pills and have surgery or whatever deceitful things can be done to the body to make it change into a ripped image over night. If anything Mike Chang is guilty of is referencing the many different types of workouts he has tried and explaining to people what works and what doesn’t. For that, I’m sure he is sorry, but his intentions were to help.

2. He promotes Chinese soft power. This is one of my favorites. I’m sure as part of the Chinese government’s plan to promote international diplomacy they thought they could send scientists to the US to genetically modify a random American-born Chinese (ABC) into a ripped trainer who would then make hundreds of videos about health and workouts so that native speakers in English can get more acquainted with the “Chinese-looking” face and thus help the government reach its ultimate goal of a one-race Chinese born world. Yes, indeed, that is very plausible.

3. He is banging his co-host from Insane Home Fat Loss. I hope that is a myth otherwise I’d be jealous!

4. Mike Chang sold out. I guess it is tough for people who get in the spotlight as a result of their success, as many people think they sell out to get where they do. However, I guess that means that stores like Target sold out and their success wasn’t because of consumer demand or popularity. Remember, Mike Chang got successful because his workouts are real and people know that, not because he is a “sell-out”.

5. Mike Chang workouts do not work. Really? Either you are not doing them to the end or on a regular basis, or you way too many potato chips in between workouts that no workout program or trainer in the world can save you. Try the workouts again and see if you can do them in their entirety.

6. Mike Chang’s advertisements are everywhere because he is a spy. I’m sure that is part of the NSA’s attempt to gather data on people who exercise in order to determine who is likely to be an extremist in dumb bell curls and squats. I guess that also means the NSA wants all of Mike Chang’s secrets out in the open through Six Pack Shortcuts to convince the public that Mike Chang is not a conspiracy when it fact they are using his face as a cover-up as they plot to take over the metabolic acceleration sector for their own sick benefit.

7. Mike Chang doesn’t like rest days. Some people think Mike Chang works out five hours a day seven days a week like Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently did, but in fact Mike encourages people to make sure they give themselves enough recovery time in order to build muscle. Mike Chang also said he enjoys drinking beer and eating pizza, and to my knowledge he has never done that while working out.

8. Mike Chang is Asian. Well, in appearance yes you could say that, but to be more specific Mike Chang is a US citizen with a Chinese background.

9. Mike Chang is from China. Nope, he is based in Houston Texas. There are a lot of Chinese who migrated there, however!

10. The Six Pack Shortcuts Mike Chang is the same Mike Chang on Glee. That would be really funny if so, but I’m afraid both Mike Changs are way too busy to keep up with each other’s jobs!


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