The Mike Chang Fitness Approach, Explained

Hey there! I’d like to welcome you to my Mike Chang Fan Site, where I’ve merged all my knowledge about our favorite bodybuilder-turned-YouTube-fitness-coach-sensation, Mike Chang. Coincidentally, my name is also Mike (Gregorrio, not Chang). I also happen to have six pack abs, but for that I have to thank the SPS guru himself. Go ahead and roll your eyes – I did too when I ran across his site, but of all the fad programs and diets I’ve tried in the past, there was something different about Six Pack Shortcuts. It made sense to me.

Bad experiences have turned me into a severe skeptic, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Have you ever heard the saying, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you”? Words to live by, my friend. Be paranoid, do your own research, just as I did. Review Chang’s muscle toning techniques, particularly his keen manipulation of the body’s metabolic rate, aka Chang’s signature afterburn effect. Having studied them myself, I finally used the program and got significant results. That’s when I decided to create my own website devoted to the six pack master. I even shelled out some of my own cash to hire professional athletes and fitness models to demonstrate some of Chang’s most effective workouts.


Get Started With Mike Chang As Your New Personal Trainer



If you’re reading this, chances are you are either overweight or under-toned. Maybe you don’t even remember the last time you entered a gym, or it could be your workouts aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for. Either way, there are only two things you need to turn things around. First, you’ll need an internet connection, but you obviously have that or you wouldn’t be reading this. Second, you need a strong will and desire to transform yourself. If there’s one thing Mike Chang is adamant about, it’s that hard work gets results.


No matter how many infomercials you see telling you otherwise, there is no such thing as an easy fix. Cheap gimmicks simply don’t work. Do you really think sitting on the couch with a vibrating belt around your waist is going to give you a slim waistline, much less six pack abs? Come on, we are smarter than that! (Okay, I admit it. I tried it. Doh!) What does get results are the DIY workout videos and utilization of fitness training information.


Developing and maintaining the drive to stay committed to a fitness program is the hardest part. That’s because so many of us have tried fad diets and gimmicks. They have ruined the whole process of losing weight and getting in shape by letting us down time after time. We go into each new program with the subconscious attitude that it’s not going to work, because nothing ever did before. You cannot change your body if you don’t change your mindset. I’ve been there and I know it’s not easy, but I also know each and every person out there has it in them to follow through.


Here’s how I got over the stigma. First, I researched all of the aspects of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program (and I researched a lot, asking doctors, looking up dietary information on clinical websites, reviewing studies on the afterburn effect, etc.) That alone gave me stronger resolve that this could really work. But it wasn’t enough. The final cherry on top for me was convincing my brain to stay on course, and all that took was a simple, repetitive mantra. Ready? Repeat after me.


“Think less, work out more…Think less, work out more… Think less, work out more!” Mantra


See, don’t you feel better now? It works better if you chant while actually performing one of his workouts. Speaking of which, check out some of my favorite Mike Chang workouts / fitness tips videos. I guarantee you’ll be entertained, at the least. One thing I can definitely say about Chang; he breaks the stereotype that all good comedians are overweight. We should get Ralphie May and Mike Chang together – what a video that would make!


At this point, you’re probably wondering what this Mike Chang fan page really has to offer, aside from my rapier wit and some video links you could have found yourself on YouTube (except that I’ve seen them all and I know which ones are truly gut-busting; pun intended). Despite your justified skepticism at my intentions, I actually have a lot to offer my readers.


If you’re concerned about the financial aspect, I’ve set up two sections detailing how to bodybuild on a budget and cheapest/lowest equipment workouts. I also have an entire page devoted to Mike Chang towel workouts, and if you don’t already own a towel, you have more serious issues to resolve than fitness!


Next, you can work on developing the necessary mindset to follow through on the SPS fitness program by learning how the power of belief can help you to achieve your fitness goals; again, something I’m a strong proponent of. If you’re the introspective type, you may also enjoy my personal studies on using Oriental Qi-Gong or Zen and Meditation to boost the impact of your workouts. These ancient techniques have been proven effective in increasing your dedication and commitment, and more importantly, enhancing the results and performance level of your fitness training. Or, perhaps you were looking for something less exhilarating; the type of text that could put a person into a comatose state? Yes, I have that too. It’s called the Privacy Policy / Terms of Use. If you really are a Mike Chang fan, like myself, you will find some great things around this website, thus I do recommend giving the mundane text a once over. Just make sure to have a V8 first!


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